When connected with vehicle’s continuous power supply, will the power of storage battery be used up if the vehicle will not be used for a long period?



The current draw of the monitor is only 100 mA under normal state. However, if the vehicle will  not be operated for 1 or 2 months, the storage battery might be used up and the vehicle cannot be started. So we suggest the user remove the storage battery if the vehicle will not be used for a long period.

2. Why the red alarm lamp is on but without beep alarming?



The audible alarm can last for 100 seconds once alarm occurs, if the user does not press S key to stop it, it will stop automatically after 100 seconds. When the use notices that the red alarm lamp is on, press S key can check the tire with alarm and alarm type.

 3. Pressure alarm frequently occurs.
  A: The user can check if the standard pressure is suitable or not. If the standard pressure is too high or too low, re-set the standard pressure as per instructions on the USER MANUAL.
4. The temperature data of the front and back tire collected by the Transmitter is different, why?
  A:   This is normal. The tire temperature is affected by the distance between the tire and the engine, the friction between the tire and the ground. So temperature of front and back tires is not the very same, the front tire’s temperature is a little higher than the back one in general.
 5. How to adjust Transmitters after tire rotation?
  A:  Vehicle will have tires rotation after running for certain kilometers, at this time, places of Transmitters also changes. In order to ensure normal usage, please reference “Transmitter Function –free Disassembly of Tire Rotation” and adjust the Transmitter position
How to deal with the transmitter trouble alarm issued by monitor?
  A: If one transmitter fails to work, or the monitor cannot receive the signals for 20 minutes because of the RF interference, the system will issue a transmitter trouble alarm. Once there is no interference, the system shall recover normal performance. If not, please contract us at +86-21-50792951.
Is it possible to replace a transmitter alone?


Yes. Each transmitter has one unique ID, just input the new transmitter ID into the monitor according to the correct tire position.
How about the life of the Transmitter?
   A: Generally Sate TPMS has a work life of about 7 years.
Why do I need to check the tires periodically with the TPMS system installed?
Periodic check of the tire can keep the driver aware of the tires conditions and ensure driving safety.
After installation, when changing the batteries or resetting the Monitor, the pressure information doesn’t appear immediately.
Please wait for about 6 minutes. If nothing happens, reset the Monitor Display (turn it off and on) and wait for another 6 minutes. If not,please contract us at +86-21-50792951.
Sometimes the LCD screen is not very clear while the power supply is normal.


This usually happens when the temperature inside the car is too low. For all the LCD displays, the operating temperature rang is -20℃ to 70℃. When the temperature returns to normal, the display will become clear again: if the display doesn’t return to normal within half an hour, it maybe broken, please contract us at +86-21-50792951.Note: Please do not leave the display work for long time under too low temperature. (Eg.-20℃)
Why does the power level of the rechargeable batteries become shorter?
Low temperature will influence the work time of the rechargeable batteries. If the temperature in the car is too low(for example, -20℃) we recommend that you power the Monitor Display though the 12V Light Plug. Once the temperature return to a high lever, the batteries should operate as normal.
Blurriness appears on the LCD screen, or there the LCD screen is blank.
Sometimes the audible alarm also can be heard. This is usually caused by batteries of the Monitor Display being low on power.Change the batteries or connect the Monitor Display to the vehicle power through a 12V Lighter Plug immediately.
Why does the pressure inside the tire rise after running for some time?



This is because of the friction between the tires and the ground. Heat from the friction of a moving tire will cause pressure inside the tire to rise. The pressure inside a tire can fluctuate up or down approximately 2-4psi depending on the speed of the vehicle. This is normal for most vehicles.
 15. Why is the Monitor Display not turning on?


If the Monitor Display is being powered by batteries, please check whether the batteries are installed in the correct polarity and if batteries have enough power. If the Monitor is powered by the 12V Lighter Plug, please check the connection between the Lighter Plug and your TPMS unit. If not, please contract us at +86-21-50792951.
How to use rechargeable battery?


If the user don\\\\\\\'t want or not convenient to use the lighter plug, it is available to power to monitor by using rechargeable battery. Open the battery cover on the back of Monitor, then put 3 1.2V batteries into the battery box with correct poles, close the cover and open the power. Note: don\\\\\\\'t use the 1.5V dry battery instead of the rechargeable battery so as to avoid the monitor cannot receive the signal normally.
How can I do if I install the transmitter onto the wrong tire?
Rotate the screw with the wrench and then install it onto the right one.
How can I do if the Dual Lock Fastener falls off?
As the monitor was fastened to dashboard with Dual Lock Fastener, the fastener will not be firm if the place installed was not clean. Please clean the place with alcohol if necessary and replace a new fastener. User can use 3M glue instead if there is no Dual Lock Fastener.
Where can I find the standard pressure of tire?



The standard pressure for different tires are different. User can find it in User Manual, Door side or inside of the oil cover, user can require the professional if necessary.
How can I do if the standard pressure found is different from the default pressure value 32.00 psi?
The default pressure value can be changed. Please refer “standard pressure programming” in User Manual
How can I do if there is an alarm when installing the transmitter?
The transmitter will start to work once it is triggered by pressure after installation, Monitor will compare the standard pressure programmed with the pressure information received from transmitter, and issue an alarm if the pressure is not under the proper state. Please check whether the transmitter is screwed firmly in order to prevent air leaking. Also please check whether the current tire pressure is under the normal state. If not, please adjust the tire pressure to the proper pressure state.
Is it easy for external transmitter to be collided or lost?


Since external transmitter is installed onto the valve directly, and the length of the valves is different, it may protrude much more from the hub surface on some vehicles. In this case, transmitter will be collided easily. We suggest user go to garage to replace a shorter valve. Each external transmitter has one security lock. Transmitter with security lock will not be lost easily only if removing it with wrench. Thereby we suggest user install security lock.
Is it possible to replace a transmitter alone?


Yes. Each transmitter has one unique ID, just input the new transmitter ID into the monitor according to the correct tire position.


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