Embeddable Display & LED icon, easy to identify different tire status

General Description
TPMS1309P09 is an OEM model designed for Toyota Rezi, consisting of display which can be embedded into the preserved slot for electronic device, inside transmitter and receiver. The whole system is the best standard configuration for auto electronic product.

Product Feature
1. Perfect structure and appearance design, well match the Toyota Rezi interior style of cars.
2. Powerful functions including low pressure alarm, high pressure alarm and fast leak alarm etc 
3. Display can be embedded into instrument and integrate with car body
4. Connect to continuous vehicle power to ensure full-time monitoring
5. Flattened transmitters suitable for various wheel rims
6. Easy installation, suitable for assembly line of the manufacturer

Alarm Function:
High Temperature Alarm issued when tire temperature exceeds 75℃
Low Pressure Alarm issued when tire pressure is 25% lower than the standard pressure
High Pressure Alarm issued when tire pressure is 25% higher than the standard pressure
Fast Leak Alarm issued when pressure inside the tire drops more than 0.2bar within 12s
Transmitter Trouble Alarm issued when transmitter fails to work or there is RF interference

• Display can be embedded into instrument and will not occupy the space on dashboard
• Display integrate with car body
• Standard display icon design, information displayed brightly and directly
• Perfect design without key, the relevant data is default setting in factory


•  Flattened design for application on various wheel rims
•   High-performance material ensures excellent moisture proof, anti-vibration and weather proof feature
•  Outstanding function for real-time monitoring of pressure and temperature 
•  Quick response with alarm to improper tire pressure condition
•   With receiving and transmitting, realize two-way communication


• Small and compact body for installation at any position
• Connect to continuous vehicle power to ensure full-time monitoring
• Powerful function can promptly process data and make judgment
• Issue an alarm quickly of improper tire pressure and temperature condition inside the tire



Display   Transmitter

• Input Voltage: 5V
• Operating Current: 60mA(max)
• Operating Temperature Range: -30℃~+75℃
• Storage Temperature Range: -40℃~+85℃
• Dimension: 44.5mmx40mmx22mm
• Weight: 30g




• Mid-frequency: 433.92MHz
• Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~+125℃
• Transmitting Power: -20 dBm
• Pressure Monitoring Range: 0~800kpa
•  Pressure Monitoring Precision: ±10kpa
• Temperature Monitoring Range:  -40℃~+125℃
• Battery Life: 6 years / 100 thousand kilometers
• Battery Voltage: 3V
• Dimension: 63mm*29.5mm*17mm
• Weight: 43g(including inflating valve parts)

• Mid-frequency: 433.92MHz
• Input Voltage: DC12V
• Operating Current: 35mA(max)
• Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~+85℃
• Storage Temperature Range: -40℃~+85℃
• Dimension: 86.3mmx78mmx29mm
• Weight: 55g


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