Bus TPMS, embeddable monitor, monitoring up to 10 tires 

General Description
TPMS1209K03 is designed for bus manufacturer, consisting of embeddable display, screw-on transmitters and Receiver

Product Feature
1. Embeddable display well matches interior decoration of the bus.
2. Powerful functions including low pressure alarm, high pressure alarm and fast leak alarm etc.
3. Easy to install, suitable for the production process of bus manufacturer.
4. Connect with continuous vehicle power supply to ensure full-time monitoring. 

Alarm Function:
High Temperature Alarm issued when tire temperature exceeds 90℃.
Low Pressure Level 1 Alarm issued when tire pressure is 12.5% lower than the standard pressure.
Low Pressure Level 2 Alarm issued when tire pressure is 25% lower than the standard pressure.
Low Pressure Level 3 Alarm issued when tire pressure is 50% lower than the standard pressure.
High Pressure Alarm issued when tire pressure is 25% higher than the standard pressure.
Fast Leak Alarm issued when pressure inside the tire drops more than 3psi within 12s.
Transmitter Trouble Alarm issued when transmitter fails to work or there is RF interference.

Operation Function
Standard pressure and transmitter ID learning: display can learn each tire’s standard pressure and transmitter ID automatically after installation of transmitter, without fussy programming.
Transmitter ID Inquiry: Transmitter ID and standard pressure can be inquired. 

• Display can be embedded into instrument and match the interior decoration perfectly.
• Easy button operation.
• White backlight for clear screen view.
• Easy view of pressure or alarm information on LCD screen


• Transmitter with delicate design, easy to install
• High-performance material with good durance
• High pressure and temperature resistant
• Water-proof and resistant to oil and dust etc
• High precision monitoring of tire pressure and quick response
• Security lock for safe use
• Large pressure range with high precision


• Small and compact body for installation at any position
• Connect to continuous vehicle power to ensure full-time monitoring
• Powerful function can promptly process data and make judgment
• Issue an alarm quickly of improper tire pressure and temperature condition inside the tire



Display   Transmitter

• Input Voltage: DC5V         
• Operating Temperature:  -30℃+70℃ 






• Mid-frequency:434.1MHz                  
• Transmitting Power:  0dBM 
• Pressure monitoring range: 0~13bar/0~188psi 
• Pressure monitoring Precision: ±0.15bar/±2psi           
• Operating Temperature: -40℃-+125℃      
• Battery life: 4~5 years
• Dimension: Φ27.5 *32.5 mm
• Mid-frequency: 434.1MHz    
• Input Voltage: DC 12V/24V
• Operating Temperature:  -40℃~+85℃
• Dimension: 132*99

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